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JUHTF About Us

About Us

Established in memory of Jason Bailey. J.U.H.T.F is a UK charity which is run by a group of dedicated trustees. We provide help, support and guidance to teenagers, young people, adults and their families that require a univentricular heart transplant.


Dealing with the news that a heart transplant is your only hope and coming to terms with the difficult decisions that you have to make leaves the patient with many unanswered questions. By using our personal experience and by patients sharing theirs we are able to support both the transplant patient and their families on their journey.


There are limited hospital trusts within the UK which have the expertise to perform univentricular heart transplants, This means that some patients have to travel a considerable distance to receive treatment. 


We are currently working with consultants and specialist nurses from two NHS trusts who offer this type of pioneering surgery and specialist care.

The journey that hopefully concludes with a univentricular heart transplant is extremely difficult and certainly not straightforward.  There is limited family accommodation available within the hospital trusts and the pressure of extra expenditure to everyone concerned can lead a family into financial hardship. Whilst all this is happening there is a huge impact on the family members that remain at home sometimes hundreds of miles away.


With your support we aim to bridge the gap keeping families together.

Our Mission

To aid the relief of sickness by supporting patients and there families throughout their univentricular heart transplant journey.

Our Vision

To provide accommodation,  financial and emotional support to individuals and families on their unique univentricular heart transplant journey.

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